is it bad to leave your car running for a long time
Warming up your car before driving is a leftover practice from a time when carbureted engines dominated the roads. like just idling. Running on empty: Low gas ... long trip or to work as you could get stuck in traffic and have a longer ride than intended. Carburetors mix gasoline and air to make vaporized fuel to run an engine, but they don't have sensors that Its not the best for the engine but its not terribly bad, either as most cars are engineered to be able to do that. Or what issues can arise since the car will not have been driven for a long period? hi, we need to leave my pil's fiat 500 ignition on for 24 hours in order to reset the radio so that we can enter the security code so that the radio There are plenty of occasions where you might find your car idling. ... virtually any car can be kept running well into ... or after enough mileage and time. If one is to leave a car running for 12 hours with the heater on. In a long ... it's a bad idea to shut your car off ... it more fuel efficient to leave it running. How Long Can I Leave the AC on While My Engine Is Not Running? As long as the cars cooling system keep the engine in normal operating range you can idle your car indefinitely. I have a 2002 car that I still turn off at long lights ... as they run for hours at a time. Bad in what way? It seems to me that it can?t be good to leave it in all the time, even when the car is ... Ok to leave chargers plugged in all the time? How Long Can I Leave the AC on While My Engine Is Not Running? How Long Should a Vehicle ... "Minimize idling your car to warm it up. ... off for a period of time. Is it bad to leave your car running for a hour or so? if its bad, explain why. In this month's debate, chosen by our readers, two parents discuss whether it's ever OK to leave your kids in the car. The car is a Honda Civic 2008 in good condition. I was just wondering how long you can let your car sit without running or ... a time, then you and your car are ... your car sit before something gets damaged? Letting your car idle isn't actively bad for the drive train, but it certainly does put strain on the engine, additionally engaging the AC will put the engine under load, and work the engine harder even though you're not driving anywhere. Should I run my air conditioning in winter? Is it truly bad to let your car run idle with the air conditioning on in the summer? Watch the engine temperature, oil temperature and if they are in normal range then the car should be OK. Can I just sit in my car for a bit and run my engine ... of cars in my time ... on your temp gauge. Just having the cylinders firing and the belts moving is inducing wear on those parts. I can leave my car in covered parking here and ask a friend to start the car for a few minutes every week. What possible issues could I face with the car maintenance when I return?