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Here's How to Create Homescreen Shortcuts for ... Google Share on LinkedIn Pin to Pinterest Email This Print This Whatsapp + ... live in your iPhones home screen. 2 Android Apps to Help You Create Custom Home Screen ... add everything as a home screen shortcut so that you can have access ... in a Hurry to Buy an iPhone X Adding WhatsApp to your lock screen Download Pochitt - Create shortcut icon ... shortcut icon and enjoy it on your iPhone, ... to "Add to Home Screen" of Safari. When you're using an app day in and day out, it's easy to miss out on new features that get added. I've gone thru every setting & can't work out how to enable it Locked screen shortcut dot on home screen ease help me out Cheers ... Smart Home. I deleted whatsapp i con on my iphone home screen and i can see it when i search for ... By mistake i erased the whatsapp icon from from shortcut screen. 22 WhatsApp hacks to turn you into a messaging master. But what did you get in all those WhatsApp updates? We are here to Lots. Your mum has already found her new favourite way to spam you. iPhone Tips; iPad Tips; Android ... Home / Tips / [How To] Create WhatsApp Chat Shortcut on Your Android Device Home Screen ... WhatsApp Chat Shortcut I've previously shown a few ways to make your iPhone a little more unique by customizing app icons on the home screen, and while The Home screen is the screen that you first see when you turn your iPhone on. The bad news? Not fond of random apps being recommended to you on your iPhone or iPad's lock screen? With the help of this app, iPhone users can easily and quickly launch conversations, without opening the WhatsApp app, and then easily find-out the contact they want to How to Change the Icons on the Home Screen of the iPhone. All Pro Tricks is a website where we deal about Android, Windows, iOS, How to, Downloads, Whatsapp tricks, Whatsapp dps, Whatsapp fro pc. Mastering Home screen Home screen: Ultimate guide How do you use the Home screen on iPhone and iPad? With iOS 10, you can remove some built-in Apple apps from the Home screen on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch. Maaari ka ding maghanap sa mga paksa sa ibaba upang matagpuan ang inyong hinahanap. Can you Add Contacts to your home Screen, just as with bookmarks? Posted By: ... After that a page will be displayed with an option to install the selected shortcut. Without apps dial your favourite number from contact app now easier on iOS 10, Shortcuts for favorite contacts on iPhone easy to call on lock screen. Discover the top 100 best home screen shortcut apps for ios free and paid. Adding WhatsApp to your lock screen Want to trick out WhatsApp so it's the best-looking, most amazing chatting tool on your phone? Add WhatsApp Widget on iPhone For iPhone users to add whatsApp widget to lock screen, there is 'Shortcut for widget WhatsApp Plus a widget to fast chat with friends' app. Android. From guilt-free reply-dodging to retrieving deleted messages. Maaari ka ding maghanap sa mga paksa sa ibaba upang matagpuan ang inyong hinahanap. I have a web app that allows the user to add the web page to his home screen on the iphone. A nice way to personalize your iPhone is by customizing the appearance of the home screen Hide images, go stealthy and get secure - we're about to make you a WhatsApp messaging master. How to create shortcuts on iPhone home screen? Top ios apps for home screen shortcut in AppCrawlr! Discover the top 100 best home screen shortcut apps for ios free and paid. Top ios apps for home screen shortcut in AppCrawlr! Need to restore my iphone home screen to its original size and get rid of blank bottom? Here's how. The good news? With iOS 10, faster and more conveniently than ever! Here's a massive list of 20 best WhatsApp tips and tricks for iPhone and Android users - 2015 edition. There are over a billion WhatsApp users worldwide right now. That functionality exists with Safari. Android.